CMS Changes Could Save Rural HospitalsLet Eagle Telemedicine show you the benefits of specialty consults. Find out how TeleHospitalists, Tele-ID and Tele-ICU specialist can improve patient care and help your hospital’s bottom-line.

Telemedicine has been a silver lining during the coronavirus response. CMS telehealth rules changed dramatically compared to policies that governed these services in the past. This crisis has presented a huge opportunity to help rural hospitals during this crisis, and perhaps in the future.


COVID-19 Crisis Notes: Keep Your Eye on the Ball


Like most Americans, I am staying home with my family during the COVID-19 crisis. Social distancing is a good time for us to take life a little more slowly and reconnect with one another. It also gives me time to put our current world situation in perspective.

Perspective is easy to lose in times of crisis.

Many of our partner hospitals have admitted patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Whether the hospitals have an Eagle Tele-ID (infectious disease) program, a telemedicine ICU program or TeleHospitalist services, our physicians are on the front lines with clinical staff and patients. Everyone is focused on ensuring all CDC guidelines are followed to prevent the possible spread of the virus as the patients receive care.

We are proud of their work. We know our solution will help ease the stress on hospitals as the number of infected Americans continues to rise.

Ed Bonn

Ed Bonn, MSHA, FACHE Regional Director at Eagle Telemedicine

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