Dr. Eldin | Virtual Cardiologist

Dr. Adel Eldin

Virtual Cardiologist
& Cardiology Specialist

Dr. Adel Eldin is a virtual cardiologist and a cardiovascular specialist based in Florida, but his formative years (and medical school) were in Cairo, Egypt.

He says fellowships in New York City “prepared me to handle anything,” as have nearly two decades in private practice. During those years, Dr. Eldin has built a successful private practice in the Tampa, FL, area, earned an MBA degree, founded Florida Medical Tourism and the Tampa Chapter of Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart,” he says, also describing himself as a “global goodwill ambassador who enjoys making new connections, doing good deeds, and offering people innovative solutions like telemedicine.”

Three years ago, his daughter (also a physician) first mentioned Eagle Telemedicine. Immediately intrigued, Dr. Eldin sent his application and spoke with Dr. Talbot “Mac” McCormick, Eagle’s Chief Executive Officer. “There was synchrony with my philosophy,” he says, “and I appreciated Dr. Mac’s honesty, his friendly nature.” That was in 2018, when the right virtual cardiologist opportunity wasn’t immediately available.

“COVID changed everything,” Dr. Eldin says. “There was exponential growth in telemedicine creating new opportunities.” Earlier this year, discussions of a TeleCardiology position resumed; Dr. Eldin is licensed in Florida and Georgia, and expects to be assigned to hospitals in those states.

“There’s a lot of need, and a huge number people can benefit from telehealth services,” he says. “It’s a very convenient method for healthcare delivery. There are no worries about infection, it’s very safe. In today’s world, that’s what people really want to get the healthcare they need.”

Over the years, Dr. Eldin has achieved fluency in four languages – English, Spanish, German and Arabic. In pre-pandemic times, he traveled abroad regularly. Today, he relies on ZOOM calls to nurture existing connections and establish new ones.

The technology of telehealth isn’t a concern for Dr. Eldin, with the e-stethoscope and on-site teams that make virtual exams and patient care so effective. Overall, he notes, the diagnosis and patient care remain the same as they’ve always been — an intellectual process he has always enjoyed.

With his entrepreneurial bent, Dr. Eldin plans to help Eagle Telemedicine continue its business growth. He expects to help develop new partnership opportunities for Eagle. “I’m hoping to find a niche where we can do good work together,” he says.

Telemedicine Cardiology Consultations Can Handle Crisis Conditions

Virtual cardiologist consultations are a hot topic right now because cardiac issues are often the number one reason for patient transfers from small community hospitals. In many cases, transfer is not necessary, and patients only need a consultation to determine whether they can be retained and treated.

With a TeleCardiologist is on call, local hospitals can confidently keep patients who don’t require invasive cardiology — the stress of transfer is avoided to everyone’s relief.

Telemedicine Cardiology Consultation - TeleCardiology