Saint Luke’s Health System (SLHS) was no stranger to telemedicine when it called on Eagle to provide hospitalist and nocturnist services in three of its 16 hospitals and specialty care institutes in November 2017.

SLHS had been providing its own telemedicine program to several facilities. A drive to improve efficiencies in care prompted the company to turn over it virtual hospitalist the program to Eagle, which already had a strong presence in rural hospitals in Kansas.

Today, two SLHS Critical Access Hospitals in Missouri receive support from virtual hospitalists using Eagle’s TeleNocturnist program. A third hospital in Saint Luke’s Health System, Cushing Hospital in Leavenworth County, Kansas, uses Eagle’s remote hospitalists to support its 54 bed facility.

Why Telemedicine for Texas?

6 Tips Telemedicine Success

After 10 years of providing advanced telemedicine programs to hospitals, we’ve had time to carve out a specific niche in the market. We know what makes us different from other telemedicine companies, so we’ve taken time to put those differentiators down on paper in a new Telemedicine Playbook.


What to Look for When Choosing a Provider — Six Tips for Success

  1. Small, Focused Teams of Virtual Providers
  2. Telemedicine Physicians with On-Site Experience
  3. A Lighter Upfront Administrative Burden

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