How to Launch Inpatient Telemedicine?

President and COO of Eagle Telemedicine, Jason Povio, describes how to launch inpatient telemedicine. In this video you will learn:
  • How we approach telemedicine implementation.
  • What to expect to work on prior to a successful launch.
  • Key checkpoints

Eagle has a defined process that shows you how to launch inpatient telemedicine.

During the process you can expect to work on:

  • Developing key reference materials
  • Selecting technology
  • Setting up connectivity and communication within your hospital

It’s very critical we understand how we will communicate within a hospital’s the clinical protocols and processes. When you are considering how to launch inpatient telemedicine, start by defining what your metrics are for success. We will document many operational metrics on our side and share those with our partners. We also look for ways to partner with hospitals and health systems on their quality journey.

If you’re looking to improve staff utilization and compliance we want to understand what it is you’re looking to to accomplish before showing you how to launch inpatient telemedicine. Our providers can really come alongside and facilitate getting you to those to those metrics.

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Before you learn how to launch inpatient telemedicine. Find out what is fact and what is fiction.

Telemedicine programs may seem revolutionary. The concept of a physician “beaming” into a hospital room may seem like Star Trek healthcare. You may wonder at the efficacy, when the physician is a face on a TV monitor.

Truth is, telemedicine programs are proven effective in medical care — with highly skilled medical Specialists, advanced audio/video/sensory technology, plus well-trained on-site teamwork.

The concept of telehealth was first proposed 100 years ago. Fast-forward to the 1960s, with the first attempts in putting concept into practice. In 2008, Eagle Telemedicine launched its pioneering hospitalist approach to telemedicine. In 2020, telemedicine is a proven approach to delivering medicine and clinical care — covering 14 medical specialties.

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