In episode #67 of the Healthcare Quality Cast, Jason Povio starts the show encouraging listeners to stay focused on the road ahead. He shares how his wife’s personal healthcare experience influenced his leadership journey. He also underscores the opportunities and outlook of telemedicine market.

Jason shares his biggest moment of failure, and how mentors and emotional intelligence helped pull him through. He highlights how he leverages active listening to lead high performing teams. Jason shares his career aha moment centered around improving healthcare quality by managing hospital patient flow. He teaches listeners how quality people can plug into the expansive world of virtual care. Jason and the host brainstorm  strategies for selling healthcare teams on the need to be more innovative.  Jason shares his best career advice, laying out a call to action for us to “Own It”.

Data convinced my colleagues that telemedicine delivers healthcare quality improvements

When I worked for a healthcare system based in the Southeast, data convinced me that telemedicine was the right choice for our hospitals. With an engineering background, data has always been my weapon of choice to increase healthcare quality. Where I worked, telemedicine wasn’t an easy sell. We needed a solution to manage nocturnist coverage. There was too much turnover, physician burnout and expense associated with delivering high quality care.

Clinical Data Wins the Day for Telemedicine