Eagle’s TelePediatrics specialists are available at any hour to consult for children when they require hospital care, whether it’s during day, night, or weekend shifts. Telemedicine for Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) support is available at a moment’s notice to evaluate and stabilize newborns, then determine next steps in their care.

For the highest level of hospital care, pediatric and neonatology patients need specialist expertise. A general hospitalist or internist does not have the training or experience these patients require.

A community hospital may have a pediatric hospitalist, a family medicine specialist, or a medical pediatric hospitalist who can provide daytime care for pediatric patients. But, if there is any gap in coverage (nights, weekends, holidays), the hospital must rely on locum tenens physicians at a high cost. If a nurse assistant is trained in pediatric care, they need a pediatric specialist who will work with them. Many hospitals and facilities are filling these gaps with quality Telemedicine services.

Neonatology is a medical subspecialty few community hospitals can provide, yet it is critical to the viability of a high-risk newborn. That’s why growing numbers of community hospitals are turning to telemedicine.

This means the infant or child can stay in their local community hospital, near home, instead of being transferred to a tertiary hospital many miles away — a great stress-reliever for parents, and a much calmer experience for the infant or youngster.

Eagle’s specialists work with local physicians and hospital staff, just like Eagle’s TeleHospitalists, which have been covering day and/or night shifts in partner hospitals since 2008, performing over 15,000 admissions via telemedicine. All of our providers are seasoned hospitalists board-certified in their specialties.

With pediatric telemedicine and Tele-NICU specialists, patients receive real-time diagnoses and treatment from experienced physicians who provide the exact same quality patient care that a hospitalist would provide in person. Eagle physicians cover everything from floor call to H&Ps to rapid response calls and codes, and document care and enter orders in the hospital’s EMR.

Rather than recruiting pediatricians, neonatologists, pediatric nocturnists or hiring locum tenens physicians, why not use Eagle’s dedicated specialists for expert care of medical inpatients and candidates for admission for a fraction of the cost?

Expert Care. Anywhere.