Physician-led and professionally managed, the leadership and telemedicine team at Eagle brings the specialist to the patient. We provide expert care, anywhere. Our leadership team is passionate about the power of telemedicine. Leveraging our accumulated industry experience and unique perspectives, we’re able to deliver solutions that meet the specific needs of hospitals of all sizes, and the communities that they serve.

Our approach to telemedicine is different in four key areas:

    1. We seek to understand how your providers practice and customizes the program to fit the needs of your hospital.
    2. We recognize the complexity inherent within the healthcare industry. Eagle TechFlex is designed to minimize the impact to our clients where it matters most – at the point of care delivery. Our programs operate using your existing processes and technology.
    3. We have mastered the implementation and launch process over a decade. Our telemedicine team project manages your implementation.
    4. We select a dedicated ‘pod’ of telemedicine providers that operate as part of your team. Our physicians are trained to communicate effectively using technology and a webside manner that expresses empathy and connect with the patient, their family and your staff.

Executive Leaders

Sales & Marketing

Patrick Sherman

Senior Regional Director,
Business Development

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Ed Bonn

Regional Director, Business Development

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Donna Jennings

Regional Director
Business Development

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Steve Johnson

Regional Director,
Business Development

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Kate McDonald, Marketing Director
Kate McDonald



Dr. Brian Hunt named top virtual care provider for hospitalist care

TeleHospitalist & TeleHospitalist Trainer

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Dr. Elmira Basaly

Regional Hospitalist Medical Director

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Katie Cherry

Director, Credentialing and Licensing

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David Cooke

Director of Operations, Ethics & Compliance

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Tori Surber

Telemedicine Operations

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