The modular, all-in-one telemedicine cart to lower the cost of care.

Customizable, Affordable, Modular Access to Specialty Telemedicine.

Designed to lower the cost of telemedicine delivery, the new Eagle MedWorks Connect all-in-one telemedicine cart matches advanced video, audio and computing technology with industry-compliant telemedicine software. The result is an efficient telemedicine cart that accelerates telemedicine implementation rollouts and improves access to care, anywhere.
eagle telemedicine medworks connect cart

5 Considerations When Selecting Your Telemedicine Cart

Eagle Rural Care Alliance Benefits

Eagle MedWorks Connect Clinical Asset Series

The cart designed for multiple clinical care applications.

The Eagle MedWorks Connect cart and platform streamlines how physicians and patients interact, allowing for a seamless care experience. Architected to be highly scalable and modular, the MedWorks Connect platform integrates best-of-class audio\video functionality with clinical devices allowing for an optimal evidenced-based consultation that’s both economical and clinically optimized.