TeleStroke services provide access to neurological care at even the most remote hospital. When it comes to acute stroke, time is critical. Our TeleStroke providers are able to provide telehealth for stoke patients in less than three and a half minutes. Telemedicine stroke care from Eagle also averages a diagnosis and treatment time of less than forty minutes.

For non-emergent neurology patients, Eagle offers TeleNeurology services. 

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Telestroke Program

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TeleStroke Program

Telemedicine, like stroke telehealth services, may seem revolutionary. You may wonder at the efficacy, when the physician is a face on a TV monitor. Truth is, telemedicine programs are proven effective in medical care.

The concept of telehealth was first proposed 100 years ago. Fast-forward to the 1960s, with the first attempts in putting concept into practice. In 2008, Eagle Telemedicine launched its pioneering hospitalist approach to telemedicine. In 2020, telemedicine is a proven approach to delivering medicine and clinical care — covering 14 medical specialties.

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