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At Eagle, we want to fill our telehealth physician jobs with great doctors that want to help patients in underserved areas. We offer opportunities in 15 specialties. These roles support hospitals with limited access to specialists or with the need to provider extra support to onsite staff. We offer you the chance to work on a small team of doctors that are dedicated to patient care.

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Learn How Eagle Telemedicine is Different.

Physician-led and professionally managed, the leadership and telemedicine team at Eagle brings the specialist to the patient. We provide expert care, anywhere. We are passionate about the power of telemedicine.

Our approach to telemedicine is different in four key areas:

  1. We seek to understand how your providers practice and customizes the program to fit the needs of your hospital.
  2. We recognize the complexity inherent within the healthcare industry. Eagle TechFlexTM is designed to minimize the impact to our clients where it matters most — at the point of care delivery. Our programs operate using your existing processes and technology.
  3. We have mastered the implementation and launch process over a decade. Our telemedicine team project manages your implementation.
  4. We select a dedicated ‘pod’ of telemedicine providers that operate as part of your team. When you accept one of our telehealth physician jobs, we train you to communicate effectively using technology and a webside manner that expresses empathy and connect with the patient, their family and your staff.

Why Work For Eagle?

If jobs in telemedicine interest you, Eagle can make all the difference. After a year of working long hours and back-to-back schedules, physicians and specialists are anxious to find jobs in telemedicine to improve work-life balance.

Physician Resources: Why Work For Eagle?

Tele-ID Physician Shares His Experience

Telemedicine Infectious Disease physician, Dr. Charles Kutler, reflects on what it takes to become a telemedicine physician, why he entered the field, the pleasure of having on-site staff support and more.

What Our Doctors Say About Telemedicine