Physician resources to help you decide if working in telemedicine is right for you. Learn how to navigate the interview and credentialing process or listen to one of our remote providers talk about working in remote care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Questions About Telemedicine Jobs? Learn what telemedicine is, why doctors want to work in telemedicine and why doctors choose to work for Eagle Telemedicine

Physician Resources including FAQs


What Is Webside Manner?

Webside manner is a term Eagle uses to explain the way a remote physician communicates with patients. Webside Manner is the telemedicine version of bedside manner. It includes:

  • Words
  • Body language
  • Tone of voice

What is website manner

Physician Resource Flyers

Why Work for Eagle?

Physicians are considering working remotely more now than ever. Telemedicine physician jobs are available. Learn why telemedicine doctors want to work for Eagle, and how we are ready to support and connect you to hospitals across the US.

Physician Resources: Why Work For Eagle?

How Does Eagle Compare to Other Telemedicine Companies?

Eagle Telemedicine is focused on being different from other telemedicine companies. We are mission-drive. Our goal is to provide patients with expert care wherever they are located. To do this, we need to attract and retain high quality physicians. Here’s how we do it.

How Does Eagle Compare to Other Telemedicine Companies?


Physician Perspective: What it’s Like to Work as an Tele-ID Physician

Infectious disease physician and Tele-ID provider, Dr. Charles Kutler, reflects on what it takes to become a telemedicine physician, why he entered the field, the pleasure of having on-site staff support and more.

Telemedicine for Infectious Disease Care

What’s it like to Provide a TeleNeurology Consultation?

TeleNeurology consultation is a service provided to hospitals that lack physician resources or do not have neurology coverage at night, on weekends and during holidays. In this video, Dr. Sherma explains why he works in telemedicine and his experience providing patient care during a TeleNeurology Consultation.

“There is not enough of us to provide care for every patient for every hospital in the country,” says Dr. Sherma, Neurologist and Neurology Telemedicine Provider. “With this kind of service I am available for your hospital system at anytime, when you need it. This saves cost. As you don’t have to transfer patients. I’m available at any time so patient care improves.”

What's the Value of a Neurology Teleconsultation?

What is it Like to Use Video to Perform a Telemedicine Diagnosis?

“I don’t really see it as much different than sitting with somebody and diagnosing them,” says Dr. Kutler. “There are some inherent limitations — I’m not present in the room and my ability to get a sense of the person as I would when I’m sitting with them may not be as acute… There’s still the ability to use what’s available to come to a diagnosis.”

Physician Resources - What is it like to use video to diagnose a patient


Credentialing & Licensing 101

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to interview for a telemedicine role?
  • What you need to get credentialed?
  • How we support you through the credentialing process?
  • What insurance is provided in your role as a telemedicine provider?
  • How does Eagle help you with state licensing?

Physician Resources: Credentialing & Licensing

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