When you are choosing a company to work with, consider what makes a company culture great. To explore this question, my colleague, Bill Baker and I spent the last three years researching the best places to work in the United States. As a part of our work, we selected 21 organizations known for their lustrous cultures, including PatagoniaThe Motley Fool, and Edmunds.com.

The best telemedicine companies to work for provide physicians with interesting work, training, and flexible schedules. Almost all of the virtual physicians we work with told us that these priorities were important.

To them, working with telemedicine companies with an unhealthy culture translates to disruptive schedules, high physician rotation, poor technical support and lack of training.

Eagle Telemedicine is focused on being different from other telemedicine companies. We are mission-driven. Our goal is to provide patients with expert care wherever they are located. To do this, we need to attract and retain high quality physicians. Here’s how we do it:


Eagle Telemedicine & Work Culture

If jobs in telemedicine interest you, Eagle can make all the difference. Dr. Kutler reflects on what it’s like to diagnose patients through telemedicine. Eagle Telemedicine empowers physicians to beat the odds and improve the way we treat patients nationwide.

Telemedicine for Infectious Disease Care

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