Telemedicine for nephrology allows many hospitals that don’t have nephrologists to provide access to expert care. When a hospital has a patient who needs a nephrology consult or inpatient dialysis, the patient is transferred from community hospitals to (often distant) tertiary centers. Eagle’s TeleNephrology solves this problem by providing 24/7 instant access to nephrologists for inpatient consults, inpatient dialysis and follow up visits, enabling patients to stay in their own communities.

Telemedicine for Nephrology Consultations When:

  • Presenting to the Emergency Department
  • Requiring new nephrology care in during inpatient care
  • Engaged in active nephrology care as an inpatient

Eagle Telemedicine typically can provide coverage ranging from physician consults only, to full service inpatient dialysis coverage. Most commonly, we meet requests from facilities for one of these  scenarios:

  • Facility needs only TeleNephrology consults, with no inpatient dialysis capability at the hospital.
  • Facility needs nephrology telehealth and desires to start inpatient dialysis capability.
  • Facility finds its own dialysis provider and Eagle provides remote nephrology coverage.
  • Facility has its own inpatient dialysis service and needs TeleNephrologist patient supervision.

Expert Care. Anywhere.