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The Seamless Solution To Physician Shortages

How can you solve your staffing challenges for nights, weekends and holidays? Offer new specialties like stroke, critical care, and psych? Eliminate locum support costs? Prevent burnout? Reduce unnecessary transfers and increase your census?

Eagle Telemedicine has the answers.

A pioneer in inpatient telemedicine, we have devoted more than eight years to perfecting our telemedicine models of care, and adapting them to meet your changing needs. Whether you’re a small rural hospital, a mid-sized facility or a large metropolitan hospital, our specialists can be “beamed in” via two-way videoconferencing to fill staffing gaps and expand your specialist services.

What challenges can Eagle help you overcome?

We offer these diverse and comprehensive telemedicine solutions:

Addressing Rural Hospitals’ Needs

Expert Care. Anywhere.


We keep good company.

We are fully accredited participants of these important telemedicine associations:

American Telemedicine Association