Information & Resources About Hospital Telemedicine Investments

Hospitals that make telemedicine investments gain the power to bring access to world-class neurologists, cardiologists, intensivists, and other specialists to anyone, regardless of whether they live in New York, New York, Newton, Kansas, or Bardstown, Kentucky. Telemedicine brings the specialist to the patient, rather than transporting the patient to the specialist. Telemedicine can mitigate the effects of the physician shortage and the equally challenging geographic maldistribution of doctors. Thanks to the power of telemedicine, “rural” doesn’t have to mean “remote.”

Telemedicine investments empower facilities to help our partner hospitals augment coverage, increase services to their communities, and above all, improve patient care. Telemedicine can make the difference between a stroke patient walking out of the hospital the next day, or spending the rest of his or her life in a nursing home.

Now that’s powerful.

Telemedicine investments at Great River Medical Center


Multi-Specialty Telemedicine Consultation Program Expands Care

Key Benefits

 Critical night, weekend and holiday coverage
Transfers dropped dramatically with Telemedicine consultation at Great River Medical Center
 Patients and families stay close to home