Tele-GI or TeleGastroenterology offers expert gastroenterology telemedicine day or night. Our remote physicians support night coverage and scheduled consults. Remote physicians trained to manage patients experiencing:

  • Esophageal Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Pancreatitis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease & Irritable bowel syndrome
  • H. pylori & other Infections
  • Microscopic colitis

Our team often works in consultation with the Emergency Department or your onsite hospitalists to order the appropriate test, review labwork and prescribe treatment for patients.

Gastroenterology Telemedicine Helps Hospitals Overcome Challenges

Gastroenterology Telemedicine

Physician Shortage

High Salaries

High Salaries

Lack of local gastroentrologists

Lack of Local Support

  • ~1050 shortage of Gastroenterologists in U.S.
  • No. 9 most recruited specialty1
  • Average Salary: $431,767
  • Rank in Top 10 highest salaries for specialists2
  • In the past, hospitals received support from local physicians for patient care.

1Merritt Hawkins; 2Fierce Healthcare

Access to specialized services allows hospitals across the country to overcome barriers to specialist care. Hospitals that leverage gastroenterology telemedicine and other specialized telemedicine services, like neurology and pulmonology, see benefits like:

  • Fewer patient transfers
  • Better outcomes
  • Higher turnover in the ED
  • Increase to the Average Daily Census

Expert Gastroenterology Telemedicine