Together, we can do more.

Affordable, Flexible Access to Specialty Care.

Increase your specialty care services and enhance your hospital’s community value. With the Eagle Rural Care Alliance, smaller rural hospitals can access telemedicine programs at a price they can afford. By bundling multiple hospitals’ needs together to lower access cost to telemedicine specialty physicians in economically consumable increments, this innovative program gives you the specialties your patients need without the overhead. This increases revenue potential and enhances hospital sustainability. Because together, we can do more.

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Eagle Telemedicine Launches Rural Care Alliance Extending Specialty Services to Rural Communities

Eagle Rural Care Alliance Benefits

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A Simple Concept to Serve More.

The Eagle Rural Care Alliance is offered to hospitals of every size and location across 17+ physician specialties.

Register your hospital here to start your alliance with other facilities with similar needs. By maximizing economies of scale you’ll gain the access you need to critically important specialties, lowering care costs and improving your hospital’s sustainability.