Our remote physicians explain why they chose to work in specialty telemedicine, what they enjoy about their work and how they engage with patients.

Dr. Sheetal Patel

TeleHospitalist & Regional Medical Director

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Telehealth for Infectious Disease

ID Medical Director & Tele-ID Provider

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Dr. Reynolds leads our neurology telemedicine programs

Neurology Medical Director & Neurology

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What Our Clients Say About Specialty Telemedicine

Dr. Rania Saleh, Specialty Telemedicine for Infectious Disease

Dr. Rania Saleh
Board Certified, Internal Medicine
and Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease Telemedicine Keeps Hospitals Performing During Crisis

Dr. Rania Saleh provides specialty telemedicine in the area of infectious disease for Eagle Telemedicine. As of the time she wrote this blog, she had not admitted any COVID-19 patients at the time of this writing. However, she is preparing alongside her onsite clinical teams at rural Wisconsin hospitals.

“My space is quiet right now,” she says. “My time is spent educating physicians and nurses, patients and patients’ families on proper infection control techniques. Frequent hand hygiene. Not touching the face. Washing hands before brushing teeth. Good common-sense measures to prevent contraction of any virus, including COVID-19.”

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TeleNocturnist Program at Saint Luke’s Unmatched in Timeliness, Adaptability, Expertise

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