Improving Access with Telemedicine Technology

Eagle Telemedicine at microhospitals allows specialists to “beamed in” to provide diagnosis & treatment, as well as provide staffing backup.

Microhospitals are designed for the specific needs of a community depending on age, economic profile and other factors. If it weren’t for Eagle Telemedicine, this model wouldn’t be growing as quickly as it is today. Our specialists in a range of disciplines, including neurology, pulmonology and rheumatology.

Telemedicine services at small hospitals are delivered on-demand using a variety of technology solutions. Our physicians work within the hospital’s clinical workflow, and update patient information in that hospital’s EMR. In addition to accessing specialist services, Eagle Telemedicine provides support for nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs). These services often fill staffing gaps, particularly at night. Our Telehospitalists and Telenocturnist can support staff coverage gaps at your facility. We a train a dedicated team to support your staff and meet the needs of your patients.

Virtual patient consults delivers NP/PA back-up support quickly when patient conditions change.  Our secure text message or video conferencing services enable your full-time physicians to get a good night’s sleep or enjoy a weekend off. The back-up support helps hospitals avoid physician burnout and increase physician retention.  Telemedicine at microhospitals also helps minimize the use of expensive locum tenens providers. Our dedicated teams can adapt to the coverage needs at your hospital by providing staff coverage during vacations.

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