In this webinar, you will learn the ins-and-outs of telemedicine credentialing for physicians from the application to licensing. Physician recruiting isn’t about assigning doctors to hospitals. In this webinar, we discussed the ins-and-outs of becoming an Eagle Telemedicine physician.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How to interview for a telemedicine role?
  • What you need to complete telemedicine credentialing?
  • How we support you through the telemedicine credentialing process?
  • What insurance is provided in your role as a telemedicine provider?
  • How does Eagle help you with state licensing?

Telehealth Job Applicants: What’s it like to interact with a patient using a robot?

When we interview doctors for telehealth jobs, one of the most common questions is: What’s it like to interact with a patient using a robot?

The short answer is that performing a history and physical (H&P) exam using a robot is very similar to in-person H&Ps. Onsite staff receive training on how to inform the patient about what will happen during a telemedicine visit and the nurse is on-hand to support the patient and the remote physician during the clinical evaluation.

Before you accept a telehealth job, you want to know you will be comfortable caring for patients via technology. Let’s walk through the process.

Step 1: Bringing a Robot to the Patient

Step 2: Introducing the Telemedicine Doctor


Telemedicine Credentialing

Telemedicine provider and infectious disease specialist, Dr. Charles Kutler, discusses what it’s like to use a robot and video to diagnose a patient.

Telemedicine Credentialing

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