Join Our Tele-ID Team – Infectious Disease Telemedicine Job

Eagle Telemedicine is currently seeking physicians that hold a specialty in infectious disease. To join our rapidly evolving Tele-ID service care line you must be:

  • Board-certified 
  • Licensed in at least one U.S. state
  • Authorized to work in the U.S.


The infectious disease telehealth job applicant will:

  • Provides and manages direct patient care, including physical examinations, evaluations, assessments, diagnoses, and treatment.
  • Prescribes pharmaceuticals, other medications, and treatment regimens as appropriate to an assessed medical condition.
  • Refers patients to specialists and relevant patient care components as appropriate.
  • Provides medical guidance to onsite nursing staff and physician-to-physician consultation in the ED and on patient floors.
  • Maintains working relationships with onsite medical providers engaged with inpatient care.
  • Documents patient interaction, diagnosis, treatment, etc. within the hospital’s EMR.
  • Excellent bedside manner and communication skills.


  • Currently licensed in at least one U.S. state.
  • Infectious disease telemedicine job applicants must be Board Certified in infectious disease.
  • Infectious disease experience required.
  • Medical Doctor with 3 to 5 years of inpatient experience, to include residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship training in infectious diseases
  • Federal DEA Certification; Medical Specialty License of Certification; Board Certified, Internal Medicine
  • Experience navigating multiple EMR systems, strong technical skills, and experience with secure video conferencing.
  • Ability to work 5 or more shifts per month.

How Did You Get Started in Tele-ID?

Dr. Kutler reflects on the experience it takes to become a Tele-ID physician. Learn the answers to what it takes to get started in your telemedicine career.


Telemedicine for Infectious Disease Reduces Strain on Local Provider

Key Benefits

 Fast Response
Nursing Support
 Dedicated, Personable Team

Great Plains Health: Telehealth for Infectious Disease

Looking for Infectious Disease Telemedicine Jobs

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