Our telemedicine doctors provide a service that can helps hospitals avoid the nightmare of staffing and retaining doctors round the clock. Small rural facilities and large metropolitan health systems, deserve to be covered by a team of physicians that work with the hospital with the help of technology.

Our experts handle everything from floor call to admissions to attending rapid responses and codes, hospitals reduce physician burnout and attrition and patients receive expert, timely treatment.

How We Help Telemedicine Doctors Succeed

We offer a portfolio of specialized solutions to fit the needs of hospitals of all sizes:

  • Small Teams Approach
  • Improve Work-Life Balance
  • Expert Training
  • Collaborative Care

At Eagle Telemedicine, we prioritize our doctors the way we care for our patients. From rural communities to large metropolitan health systems, Eagle physicians commit to a work lifestyle that encourages flexibility, knowledgeability, and community through technology.

Why Eagle Telemedicine?

Our board-certified physicians are a part of a comprehensive care team. We provide educational training and credentials across the US for all professionals engaged in care within our specialties. Eagle creates a unified, patient-centered care experience to maintain consistency within our services. We also give physicians hired for a telemedicine position at Eagle the opportunity to expand their experience in the following areas of care:

  • Assist designated hospital staff in diagnosing medical problems, developing care plans, and prescribing treatment.
  • Execute multidisciplinary collaboration and communication.
  • Extend resources for patient safety and quality.
  • Maintain patient and family-centered care.
  • Participate in educational and teaching opportunities.
  • Plan according to the scientific translation of research into practice.

Why telemedicine doctors work for Eagle


Eagle Telemedicine & Work Culture

If jobs in telemedicine interest you, Eagle can make all the difference. After a year of working long hours and back-to-back schedules, hospitalists, emergency medicine physicians and critical care providers are anxious to find jobs in telemedicine to improve work-life balance. Find out why telemedicine doctors choose us.

Become a Telemedicine Doctor