Telehealth Doctor Information: What is it Like to Work as a Telemedicine Physician?

Dr. Charles Kutler, a telehealth doctor and infectious disease physician, describes how he works with patients and on-site staff to provide care. After decades providing face-to-face care in private practice and within hospitals, Dr. Kutler is able to articulate:

  • What is the value of telemedicine to the patient?
  • Can you describe the average patient?
  • How does care change when working with different hospitals?

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Telehealth Doctor Information: How Tele-ICU Works?

In the past year, Eagle has seen growing demand for critical care telemedicine jobs and telehealth doctor information. We have also launched a multitude of Tele-ICU programs — at a rate far greater than ever anticipated. TelePulmonologists and Tele-ICU specialists have been in high demand to meet the emergencies of the pandemic. Hospitals wanted to know how to launch inpatient telemedicine.

Tele-ICU specialists are often referred to as “intensivists” — physicians who are specially trained and certified in critical care. The need for this expertise is expected to continue, based on changing demographics. An aging patient population is a strong factor, compounded by new diseases and the physician shortage across the country. It’s a dire situation in many small rural communities as well as inner-city hospitals, trying to recruit and retain ICU specialists.

That’s where telemedicine has been a lifesaver — providing the specialist care these hospitals desperately need, for the sake of the communities they serve. Eagle Tele-ICU specialists can “beam in” from any location, treating patients thousands of miles away or around the corner. Those patients and their families are, in every instance, very grateful to have top medical expertise close to home.

Telehealth Doctor Information - How Tele-ICU Works?