Does Telehealth for Nurse Practitioners Help?

Hear from Robyn Paulsen, Director of Telehealth at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics

Why does telehealth for nurse practitioners, physician assistants and the wider nursing team benefit the hospital and its patients? Nurses know that a fast response is critical to patient care. They also know that waking up a physician that is on call is never fun. With remote care, the physician is always awake and ready to help. Eagle offers NP/PA back -up services for hospital night coverage that make it easy for the nursing team to communicate with a physician and provide better patient care at night.

Find out how much support telehealth for nurse practitioners and nurses can provide.

A Nurse Practitioner Shares the Benefits of Working with Telemedicine

Nurse Practitioner, Rebecca Carter at Anthony Medical Center in Kansas say: “I couldn’t do what I do without them.”

That’s how one Nurse Practitioner at a critical-access hospital in rural Kansas sums up the backup support telehealth for Nurse Practitioners provides at her facility. Rebecca Carter, APRN, was a champion of the telemedicine coverage when it began at Anthony Medical Center (AMC) in Anthony, KS, in January 2015. Today, nearly three years later, she is a stronger champion than ever.

In previous blogs, we’ve written about the big-picture benefits of telemedicine for rural hospitals: solving staffing needs; helping nurse practitioners and physician assistants  move into leadership roles in clinical settings where physicians might be hard to find; and reducing the number of patient transfers to tertiary facilities.

So, we thought it was time to feature a personal perspective.

Telehealth for Nurse Practitioners

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