Paying too much for night coverage? Losing sleep over night staffing?

Eagle Telemedicine is solving night staffing challenges for hospitals of all sizes. Whether you’re a small rural hospital, a mid-sized facility, or a large metropolitan hospital, our telenocturnist team can cover staffing gaps and provide invaluable support for nighttime clinical teams.

We offer four paths to success:


In rural locations, patients receive real-time diagnoses and treatment at night from expert telenocturnists who are “beamed in” to the hospital via videoconferencing technology. The hospitals no longer have to struggle to find nocturnists to work on site, and no longer burden (and alienate) their daytime doctors with nighttime call.

Physician Staffing Solutions
Telemedicine Cross Coverage


Nocturnists often have to be in two places at once in larger hospitals: handling admissions and rounding on patients in the ED, and providing cross coverage consults by phone. Take the burden of floor calls off your nocturnist team and improve quality of care with face-to-face consults via videoconferencing technology.

Eagle Surge Protection™

Gets access to expert hospitalists whenever you need them–with the click of a mouse. It’s ideal for rural hospitals with limited local physician resources, or metropolitan hospitals where surges can happen any time, day or night.


Eagle Surge Proectection
Support your advanced practitioners with NP/PA Back-up

NP/PA Back-up

Support your advanced practitioners with offsite physicians who can advise your staff in providing comprehensive care. Telehospitalists participate in daily and nightly rounds via live videoconferencing, and are available 24/7 as a part of your team.


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At night, telemedicine eases the load for existing staff and ensures quality around the clock. It’s a seamless
solution to the physician shortage, and one that reduces the burden of night coverage for our hospital partners today