Access to Tele-ID services is more important than ever.

The recent need for Infectious Disease (ID) expertise is directing attention to the challenges of rural hospitals, and fueling an interest in Tele-ID.

In 2018, Eagle responded to a growing interest in remote infectious disease telehealth providers. After seeing success implementing telemedicine in other specialties, many of the rural hospitals we work with expanded their virtual offering with infectious disease. At that time, we began recruiting ID physicians to respond to these requests.

Today, our team of infectious disease telehealth providers are providing inpatient care to hospitals all over the country. We have added emergency services to support new and existing Critical Access Hospitals and Short-term Acute Care Hospitals during the coronavirus outbreak.

Don’t wait for the next emergency or community outbreak. Our Tele-ID services can provide a cost-effective solutions to many of  hospital challenges — quality metrics, hospital revenue and patient access.

Infectious Disease Telehealth Services

Hospital Virtually Eliminates Infectious Disease Transfers


Increase hospital revenue

Easy telemedicine rollout for 8
hospitals with multiple EMRs

Telemedicine call coverage

Savings exceeded equipment and
telemedicine program costs

Infectious Disease

Reduce Patient Transfers to Other
Hospitals from 50% to 0%

Infectious Disease Telehealth Services