Telemedicine Provider Increases Access to Pediatric Neurologists in a Time When Physician Shortages are Growing

ATLANTA – April 12, 2023 Eagle Telemedicine, the leader in technology-enabled inpatient and outpatient care for sustainable healthcare resilience, today announced that it has expanded its suite of telemedicine specialties to include Pediatric TeleNeurology. This new telemedicine program is added to Eagle Telemedicine’s more than 17 healthcare specialty programs and joins a growing list of specialties for pediatric care.

It has been reported by the Child Neurology Foundation that the number of child neurologists in the U.S. is at least 20% below the national need. Pediatric neurologists care for children with epilepsy, developmental delays, learning issues, headaches as well as more specific issues including pediatric stroke or rare metabolic or degenerative conditions. They also provide care for children with neurobehavioral disorders, such as Tourette syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and autism. Yet, with a growing physician shortage, pediatric neurologists can be challenging for patients to see, particularly in rural communities.

“With the release of our Pediatric TeleNeurology program, Eagle is increasing access to this critical pediatric specialty,” said Jason Povio, President and Chief Operating Officer, Eagle Telemedicine. “We are passionate about our mission to serve the underserved and improve patient outcomes. That’s why we are focused on expanding specialty services across the nation to enhance hospital performance by delivering the specialty physician resources they need to make a positive impact in their local communities.”

Eagle Pediatric TeleNeurology services complement Eagle’s inpatient and outpatient telemedicine programs for pediatrics and neurology which also include TelePediatrics and Tele-NICU programs. With demand for pediatricians expected to rise by 15% by 2026, these programs have become valued partnerships for hospitals in more than 35 states.

Eagle Telemedicine offers technology-enabled inpatient and outpatient specialty care to hospitals and clinics to address the physician shortage challenge in both rural and metropolitan communities. With 17 physician specialties, Eagle delivers more than 75,000 patient encounters, annually, to healthcare systems and hospitals, coast-to-coast in 35 states. Offering access to telemedicine specialists, 24/7, Eagle Telemedicine reduces patient referrals, increases physician retention and enhances hospitals’ overall quality of care.

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Eagle Telemedicine is the leader in technology-enabled inpatient and outpatient care for sustainable healthcare resilience. With a virtual team of more than 300 physicians in more than 17 specialties, Eagle delivers care services that improve patient outcomes, mitigate coverage gaps, expand specialty access and help hospitals enhance care quality and reputation in the communities they serve. With a world-class “webside” manner, Eagle physicians deliver custom-tailored around-the-clock coverage, leveraging existing technologies and processes, for a truly seamless patient experience. Committed to building relationships, not delivering transactions, Eagle empowers rural and metropolitan hospitals alike to increase admissions, expand service access and lower patient transfer rates. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn at