Micro-Hospitals: A New and Exciting Frontier for Telemedicine

When do you ever stop being a pioneer? As long as there are new frontiers to explore, you don’t. It’s the reason that nearly 10 years after we founded one of the first inpatient telemedicine companies, we’re still pioneering the industry: There are always new frontiers. Micro-hospitals, for example.

The Value of Telemedicine for the Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

With the increasing physician shortage, particularly in specialty areas such as critical care, cardiology and nephrology, telemedicine is delivering valuable support to the clinical care programs at many U.S. hospitals. And now, with the growth of long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs), telemedicine offers an effective model for bringing periodic specialized physician care to LTACH patients, while solving night coverage challenges.

Three Key Trends Will Fuel Hospital Use of Telemedicine in 2017

Sometimes, technology moves faster than our willingness to accept it. Such was the story with personal computers and cell phones. What once seemed like novelties or expensive playthings are now indispensable. The same can be said for telemedicine. If I were to pinpoint the most significant trend in the industry as we move into a…

What’s Next: Telemed Applications Growing to Telecardiology, Telenephrology

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the growing number of uses for telemedicine programs in hospitals today. But as the list of telemedicine specialties expands at a rapid pace—most recently into the areas of telecardiology and telenephrology—it’s worth taking another look at this booming part of our company’s business, and why it’s happening.…

Telenephrology, Night Coverage and Other Hot Topics from the ATA Fall Forum

Our Job #1 as leaders of a telemedicine and hospitalist management company is to respond quickly to the needs of hospitals and stay attuned to their challenges. That’s why we make it a practice to attend the American Telemedicine Association’s annual Fall Forum—not only to share news about our programs with hospitals and physicians, but…