How Telehealth Credentialing Works at Eagle

Eagle supports our physicians through the process of telehealth credentialing. Katie Cherry, Director of Credentialing & Licensing at Eagle, walks through the 5 things you need to complete an application for your specialty.

Telehealth Credentialing Requirements

Of the five things Eagle needs to complete the credentialing process, the first one is the most important – it is your current curriculum vitae (CV). When you start the telehealth credentialing process, it’s important that you CV is up-to-date and accurate. This document should list everything from medical training to your present employment. We don’t want anything excluded.

Sometimes we have providers that fail to list locum tenens work. However, we need to validate this information to complete the credentialing process. Without all the information, you may experience delays getting to work as a telemedicine physician.

In addition to an accurate CV, we need the following information to complete the telehealth credentialing process: your work availability, supporting education documents, a completed credentialing application and approval from the Eagle Telemedicine Credentialing Board.

Looking for Jobs in Telemedicine? Why Work for Eagle?

After a year of working long hours and back-to-back schedules, hospitalists, emergency medicine physicians and critical care providers are anxious to find jobs in telemedicine to improve work-life balance.

For those considering a telemedicine role, one of the fastest-growing areas in medicine, finding the right organization is paramount. Some telemedicine and telehealth companies operate like locum tenens businesses – rotating doctors from hospital to hospital with minimal understanding of clinical workflow and facility operations. This can create challenges, like patient documentation and onsite communication unnecessarily difficult.

Eagle facilitates telehealth credentialing and is a great place to work because we offer:

  • Small team approach
  • Expert training
  • Focus on patient care

Telehealth Credentialing Made Easy