Lindsey Davis, Physician Coordinator seeking Remote Medical Doctors

Lindsey Davis

Physician Coordinator

Lindsey serves as Physician Coordinator for Eagle, focusing on screening remote medical doctors and obtaining key information like provider skillset, medical licensure, work history, and malpractice.

As an Account Representative at, she developed and maintained relationships with doctors and other medical professionals and pitched available locums; opportunities. Today, Lindsey uses the skills she developed in her prior roles to source new remote medical doctors from using outside resources and interviews these candidates for their ability to work as a telemedicine physician.

Lindsey received her Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration from Auburn University.

Understand the Process of Credentialing

To work as a virtual doctors,, Eagle and each hospital must complete the process of credentialing telemedicine providers. Credentialing refers to an authorization process that allows a physician to work at a specific hospital. The physician must first be licensed in the state where the hospital is located.  

Streamlined Credentialing for Remote Medical Doctors

Our team works with each new physician to streamline the application, licensing and telehealth credentialing process. 

  • Eagle Application & Credentialing: After completing the interview process, the applying remote medical doctors complete a telemedicine credentialing application form. 
  • State Licensing: For those physicians that require a license in a new state, Eagle Telemedicine submits your application for a new state license.
  • Credentialing: Each hospital has its own credentialing process, including specific forms to complete. Our team will complete these credentialing forms using the information verified during the Eagle application process.  

Understanding Credentialing for Remote Medical Doctors

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